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Several furniture tip-over injuries and deaths have been reported with IKEA MALM chest and dressers. These products may be unstable by design and may not meet industry safety standards.

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Did you know that:

  • Majority of injuries and fatalities from tip-overs occur with those 5-years-old and younger
  • 45% of tip-overs occur in the bedroom
Furniture Tip-Over Fact Sheet
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From the Feldman Shepherd Attorneys:

“There is no reason for IKEA furniture to be so unstable and prone to tip over that it threatens the very lives of small children who have these dressers in their bedrooms. IKEA knows how to design and build safer products, and it’s time for this company to get its act together.”
Attorney Alan Feldman
“We hope that the litigation we’re pursuing will persuade IKEA to re-design its furniture to be much safer and more stable. After all of these deaths caused by IKEA dresser tip-overs, the time has come for IKEA to recall these unsafe products from the marketplace.”
Attorney Daniel J. Mann
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