The story of IKEA’s massive recall hit the news cycle heavily last week, warning the owners of 29 million dressers that the products could be placing children at risk. It was the first time many Americans became aware that the popular dressers had been linked to the deaths of at least six children.

In reporting the news, organizations turned to Feldman Shepherd, the law firm leading the legal fight against IKEA on behalf of three children who have lost their lives in dresser tip-over accidents. Attorney Alan Feldman was quoted in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, among others.

Feldman noted something significant to the Times that went unmentioned in recall announcements by IKEA and the Consumer Product Safety Commission: a seventh child death involving an IKEA dresser. That child, Katie Lambert, died in 2005, and the incident was described in detail by the Philadelphia Inquirer.

That case resulted in a $2.3 million settlement after the family took legal action.

The IKEA recall is far and away the largest of its kind in the history of the CPSC — nearly three times the size of the next largest furniture recall.

Parents of any child injured by a dresser that has overturned — whether IKEA or any other brand — are urged to contact Feldman Shepherd to share their story and discuss their legal options. The firm can be reached at (844) 480-0100 or by filling out the form below.

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